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MURCHISON GLACIER TRIP - 1st to 9th November 2014 Link to this post

Anyone interested in joining me on a fly in (chopper), maybe climb out via Tasman Saddle, with a stop at Kelman or Tasman Hut? Then if we are completely stupid we may walk out down the glacier (it saves a chopper flight but when you are half way down you would gladly pay twice the price!) - it only takes a day; it is all down hill and I have vowed never to do it again (twice)! BUT, its one of the great walks on a nice day - hemmed in by mountains on all sides. Pity about the 5 hours of choss to get to Garbage Gully! Cost - assume $1,000 to $1,200 + airfares to Christchurch. Ideally we need 4 or 8 to make chopper flights economical (I like the idea of flying out from Tasman Saddle BUT I love walking through the ice fall below Tasman Hut!) Contact me for more details. Contact: Brian Duffy (Mob: 021 859 829)

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Hi Brian, I am keen. Will serious climbing experience be a requirement, or could you accept a person who will learn on the job? cheers, Bart

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Hi Bart, I have chosen Murchison Glacier this year as it has a wide grade of climbing available and because it is quite remote i.e. you are off the beaten track. So it is ideal for anyone who has done the Snowcraft course and is reasonably fit. Good for a first outing in glacier country. There are many routes that are Grade 1 or 1+ or less. So nothing too challenging and easily achievable with basic rope and belay skills (or free climbing). Of course we will spend a lot of time on the glaciers walking through and around crevasses so we will be on ropes most of the time - we traverse the Murchison and Aida Glaciers for access. There is plenty of very challenging stuff (3+ routes) if you want it or good mixed climbing across the valley on the Liebig Range. If the weather permits I will be expecting to climb Mt Sydney King (2,521), Mt Acland (2,562) and possibly try the back of Broderick Peak (2,669). Coopers Mate and Mt Richmond are possibilities. Nothing daunting, but plenty of it. Mt Mannering is more challenging and maybe of interest. Broderick Peak by the Murchison routes will keep any keen skilled climbers entertained. Weather permitting and interest from other group members would see me doing an overnight to Sydney King. It is just such magnificent country that it deserves an extended day/night trip. It is also quite a slog from Murchison Hut, especially if the snow is soft. The avalanche risk is low/moderate and should be manageable in early November especially if spring is early. Murchison Hut (8 bunk) is our base and it is about 4 to 6 hours through to Kelman or Tasman Saddle Hut (Tasman schrund permitting) and this will be our intended way out. The secret of Murchison is that no one goes there! Hope you can join us. Brian

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I'm interested but I don't have any leave left for this year, so I'll have to wait for the next opportunity.
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