Training Outdoors

Unless you are a professional sportsperson, or retired, then you have to fit training in around work. There are usually two options – early morning or late afternoons/evenings. My strong preference is early mornings but in the summer I occasionally head off into the Waitakere’s for a trail run, often finished under head torch, or perhaps a short cycle around the streets. Sometimes it is kayak fishing out around Bean Rock.

I am not a gym person. I have wasted countless dollars on subscriptions, which I never used, and now I just use the outdoors, anywhere, anytime. It costs nothing and is available 365/24/7. What more could you want! Last week I ran from Matarangi to Whitianga on SH25 and it wasn’t unpleasant, busy or dangerous. I ran the last 3 or 4 km along the beach at low tide. The week before I cycled out to the Waitakere’s, mostly on cycle paths – it is now possible to cycle from Mission Bay to the base of the Waitakere’s off road. The remainder is relatively quiet and manageable for Auckland.

I develop training plans, methods, circuits and the like but for me variety is the spice of life. I will provide further details on my training methodology in a future blog as it has enabled me to achieve some heady goals and remain injury free for over 12 months now. Rest assured, for me that is a huge bonus. I am also slowly learning that I need to be very patient, build my fitness slowly and be prepared to back off and rest – age is no longer on my side and the bounce back is now slower and longer.

However the real purpose of this blog, apart from helping me learn how to post blogs, is to share with you one of the great pleasures of training outdoors. On this occasion it was a sunrise over Coromandel viewed from Kohimarama Beach. The day was Wednesday 24 August 2016, about 6.30am. Luckily I had decided to run on the beach as a variation and as I navigated my way onto the beach around the construction works I was assaulted by the wonderful sunrise above. Unusual for me, I took the time to stop and record the occurrence. My timing was impeccable because it only lasted a few moments. The scenery was greatly enhanced by a yacht overnighting beside the St Heliers Bay reef. The result is stunning and made my day. I hope you like it. It was also a great run!

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