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In this first Aid Kit Band Aids sml.4 & med. 4 Emergency Blanket Paper- notebk- & pencil. Bandage – stretch small Sewing kit Bandage - crepe med. Medications Bee or wasp stings Savlon tube Panadol Baking Soda. Sml. cont. Cotton wool swabs Nurofen+ Cotton bud Diastop Dressings Non adherent Diflacan Throat Loz. For Allergy: Eye pad Claratyne/Loratadine 10mg Micropore roll dsg. tape Optional Steristrips packs Hand sanitizer soln. Scissors - small Telfa pads or dssgs. Mouthguard for mth. to mth. Disposable gloves 2 Disposable Gloves Matches & candle stub. Safety pins – varied Triangle /sling Tweezers Resource: Advice from St John’s First Aid Hints – 5-5-2011 and the ASC Directory and Membership List Personal First Aid and Survival Kit list – see Index: Tramping Gear & Equipment. 'Safety in the mountains' 11th ed 2012 Choking: Sudden onset, silent -cannot speak-needs prompt action 5 hard thumps btwn. shoulder blades – then: 5 hard ‘chest thrusts’ compression btm. of sternum - below breasts – How: stand behind - make a fist - place 2nd hand over fist and thrust back hard. Call ambulance after 1st series/set or get someone else to - when unconscious will fall down – commence CPR. and continue until patient responsive or aid arrives. CPR – requires 30 chest compressions, at a rate of 100 per minute, followed by 2 (mouth-to-mouth) rescue breaths, - with ongoing repeats untill responsive. CPR for cardiac arrest, choking, drowning, electric shock, severe allergy, severe trauma or prolonged shock. (Aims to circulate blood to vital organs until aid arrives or pt. rouses) Heart Attack: Chest Pain – breathe faster – (can be caused by indigestion) (Prevention – exercise – no smoking – genetics – keep stress levels down – diet) Walking – slow down/ breathing heavily – stop & rest Colour change – green –grey look; Shortness of breath Pain up into chin – tingling in arm or L) leg; Feeling of heaviness on chest Extreme fatigue due to reduced O2 circulation; Tired after sleeping Reduced size of blood vessels – Angina: responds to spray under tongue – within ten minutes – vessels dilate – may get a headache but is Okay. If chest pain continues: Seek medical help ASAP, do not drive. Chew aspirin (150 -300mg) if not already on it and if not allergic. Tell emergency staff if aspirin taken. Cardiac arrest – looses consciousness – needs cardiac massage/ CPR Stroke: Risk factors – hypertension; Extra pressure –previous TIA (transient ischemic attack, mini-stroke resolves approx. 5 minutes) due to clot or little bleed in small blood vessels F ace – side droops – get them to smile; eyes uneven dilation; pressure on brain A rms – ask to lift them – uneven lifting or difficulty on 1 side L0 side face, arm, leg tingling, or numbness S peech – slurred, can’t get words out – jumbled words T ime - Clock – act fast – can deteriorate quickly. Headache persists see doctor Stroke ctd. Any age – otherwise mainly elderly – headache – flushed face – stop where you are – get help. Wasp stings – if no allergy remove quickly bee stings with a hair/cotton/fingernail Wash with water or saline (salt & water)/baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) Antihistamine tablets – if you have them OK If swelling starts – pink hot allergy Breathing difficulties – use adrenaline Epipen through clothing on thigh hold 10 secs. – shelf life 6 mths. Fractures; Sprain – can weight bear – usually soft tissue injury. Side of joint – usually a sprain. Pain continues after 24hrs. – investigate – get xray Tendon – eg Achilles torn – foot dangles no control. Stop – don’t weight bear – 6 wks. in plaster. Hip fractures: No hip fracture – knees and feet face up when lying down Tap instep – if foot falls to side fractured hip – toes & feet face sideways Support to prevent movement. Wrist Fracture Zip in jacket, place wrist above zip – suggest chemical icepack. Support with triangle bandage, imobilise. Suggested first aid materials Leukoflex tape – sticks even when bleeding Gladwrap around skin tears Dental floss – use to pull off a ring from a damaged finger – tying up dressings, boot laces etc. Thermal blanket Triangle and Bandage Steristrips Clean wound dressings Antiseptic Antihistamine For overnight trampers: Candle and fire starters Waterproof matches Rubber strips Folding knife – sharp Glucose sweets - Consider electrolyte replacement eg.Nums Tablets PLB (personal locator beacon) if no cell phone coverage. IMPORTANT: Carry any personal medication and allergy relief requirements
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