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How to join Alpine Sports Club Inc.

Getting started

New or prospective members can make contact with the club by either coming along to a club night (see the Regular Activities page) or by joining one of the advertised trips (see the Upcoming Events page) and getting to know others on the trip. Ring the leader of a trip you would like to go on. You can discuss the trip and get information about the club.

Our membership contact person is Justine Checketts. She is always available to talk to you and answer any queries you might have. Email to chat with her.

To join the club, you can email the club and send in your details or you can use the electronic application form below. Before you do this just note that you will need to pay your subscription by either internet transfer, bank or telephone transfer or send the club a cheque. Remember to include your surname and initials in the payee fields and the word join. You should go to the link below and download the membership Information Pack to see the schedule of subscriptions and the full list of club contacts and the bank account number for your payment.

You can either send in the completed form by mail or click the link to go to the electronic application form.

After you send in your application, you will be contacted. The club is a volunteer organisation and it may take a number of days before you hear from us.

Below are the formal rules which we all have to have, don't let them put you off making contact. We always welcome keen people and their families.

Joining Requirements

You can download the application form from the website and post to Alpine Sports Club; P.O. Box 131 Auckland or apply through our online application page.on this web site.

Your information will be entered into the online database after the club confirms payment of subscription fee has been received. This usually takes a few days then you are free to log in and use the booking system.
New members are encouraged to join in as many activities as possible, particularly during their first year, as a way of getting to know other Club members and enjoying what we have to offer. It is hoped that all members will participate in some aspect of running the Club or helping to maintain our buildings on Ruapehu and in the Waitakere Ranges.

Our comprehensive website is a great source of information. Any queries may be addressed to the Club Membership Officers whose details can be found at the top of the page or in the front of the club magazine, Alpinesport. They will be very happy to help. You will find the Club very welcoming and friendly whether you are a skier, climber or tramper, joining as an individual or as a family

Membership Application Form, Club Contacts & Schedule of Subscriptions (Fees)

You can either print a copy of the membership information & application form or fill in the online form below.

Information Pack 2019

To request more information, use the Contacts option on the menu bar at the top of the page or email the club directly.

Online Application Form

Enter your details in the boxes below to join.
The membership Secretary will contact you on receipt of your application.
You will be sent a confirmation of your application once payment has been confirmed.

(Couples or Family)
(for ski season bookings .. children's rates)
e.g. Skiing, tramping, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, camping, family activities etc.
(include names of two current members if you are able)
We would love to know how you first found out about us
Payment Method. Choose one:
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