Waitakere Hut

Since 1929 ASC has had 5 bush huts. Three of these no longer exist and of the other two, one remains unused and the other, the Waitakere Hut, has recently been rebuilt with better facilities and a secure carpark.

The Waitakere Hut is regularly used as a base for weekend tramping in the Waitakere ranges, bushcraft and search and rescue training courses and as a venue for a variety of club social functions. Alpine Sports Club often rents the hut for weekends to approved groups. A number of local schools use the hut for outdoor programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. For more information contact the Waitakere Hut officer by email at mike@alpinesport.org.nz.

The Waitakere hut is located roughly central to the Regional Parks track network and is isolated enough to give a sense of remoteness, even though it is only 50 minutes from downtown Auckland.

There is a 10 minute walk from the carpark to the hut up a bush track. Power and cooking facilities are provided and there are bunks sufficient for about 20 people.

The drawing (below) shows the original hut and the photographs show the hut as it is now with the new ablutions block and solar showers added. The photo below shows the party to celebrate its completion.

There is plenty to see and do in the Waitakere Ranges. Historically, the Waitakeres are notable for Kauri Timber milling which took place between about 1840 and 1930. Up until about 1920, Kauri logs were driven down the streams to the road ends by the use of Kauri dams such as the one shown here. While this dam was built in the Kauaeranga Valley, there are still the remnants of old kauri dams in the streams and rivers of the Waitakere Ranges today. The volcanic origins of the Waitakeres makes for rugged scenery and spectacular views. There are still stands of Kauri in the ranges today.

Hut Bookings Availability

The hut is often booked during busy weekends and at other times during the year. 

To check the hut availability you will need to contact the Waitakere Hut Officer, Mike Frith, by email at: mike@alpinesport.org.nz or by cellphone on 021 0272 8662.

The Waitakere hut team under Joe, Mike & Paul have worked hard to rebuild the hut and maintain it in the condition that it is in now. Recent additions include a new solar shower and ablutions block with covered access from the main rooms. You can now reach the hut in most weather without fear of falling over in the mud and you can answer the call of nature in the middle of the night without needing to put your boots on. All thanks to Joe and his team.

Come and rediscover the Waitakere Ranges!